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The Canvas Corporation

At the Canvas Corporation, we supply an extensive range of Canvas Awnings, Canvas Roller Blinds, drop-down blinds, Sheerweave transparent blinds, and more. We have all the accessories that you need to completely customize and make them 100% suitable to your needs.

Being a manufacturer, we are able to export our blinds and awnings anywhere in South Africa and neighboring countries.

We manufacture our products out of the highest quality materials. This makes them completely suitable for the coastal climate, being hot and humid, we can guarantee that our products will last for a long time. You will not be disappointed with the level of service and quality of the products we supply! Give us a call t find out more.

People are a very important factor when it comes to any business wanting to be successful and deliver quality service. We take pride in our family values and the tenure of our team of employees stands testament to this with the average service period being over 10 years.

For enquiries please call Sandra: 073 919 1667

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